Frequestly Asked Questions

What is a packing list?

A packing list is a checklist of things to take on your trip, tailored specifically to your needs. Taking into account the weather at your destination, the trip duration, the people going on the trip, and many other factors, our automated system generates a customizable packing list with suggestions not only of what to bring, but also of how to prepare for your trip, so you don't forget anything.

For example, using 16-day weather forecasts our system can estimate if it will rain on your trip, and suggest bringing an umbrella or warm clothing for a colder destination, or sunglasses and suntan lotion for a sunny beach getaway.

Does this service cost money?

No! Generating a packing list and using the website's features is completely free.

What can I do with my packing list once it's generated?

You can customize the packing list to your specific needs, print it, download it as a PDF file, share it on social media and via email.

Soon you will also be able to save it and log into your account to see all your packing lists in one place.

Can I use my mobile device to access my packing list?

Yes, this website works well on mobile devices as well as tablets and desktop computers. All you need to do is browse to our website using your mobile device and you will see a mobile-friendly version of the website.

In future we plan on developing iPhone and Android apps for accessing the packing lists, which will be much more convenient if you're using your mobile device. Stay tuned!

Can I suggest new items to add to the auto-generated packing lists?

Of course! We love hearing your feedback, and if your suggestion makes sense we'll gladly add it into our system. You can make any suggestions via our contact form.

If the item is something specific to your packing list and not something generally useful to travellers, you can always simply add it to your own packing list by customizing the list to your needs. You'll be able to easily do that once our system has generated your packing list.

How does the packing list form work?

The packing list form, used to select the criteria for your specific trip in order to generate your packing list, can be used in two ways.

  1. Enter your destination and trip dates, and our system will attempt to "guess" at the best trip settings using data such as weather forecasts for your trip's dates, statistical data from previous packers, and smart guesses. Once the system finishes "guessing" you can still make any changes you like before pressing the "Generate Packing List" button.
  2. Skip the destination and trip dates and manually select the relevant fields for your trip.

In both cases please don't forget to enter important information for your trip, such as whose coming and how you'll get to your destination!